Black Hawk State Historic Site

 Hauberg Museum

Saukenuk Exhibit

Saukenuk Exhibit Completed!
After nearly two years in the works, the new Saukenuk exhibit has been completed!  The exhibit was unveiled to the public on Sunday November 15, 2009 at the John Hauberg Birthday Bash held at the Site. 

The exhibit tells the story of the Sauk and
Meskwaki—how they came to live in the Quad
City area, why they no longer live here, and, as
the piece de resistance, a four by eight foot
scale model of the city of Saukenuk.  Our story
of the Sauk and Meskwaki is finally complete. 
The exhibit exceeds our wildest dreams! 

Thanks to all who made this happen. Tom Wilcockson of Mapcraft Inc. created the beautiful maps.  Will Thompson of Armidillo Arts created the model.  Dan the Carpenter made the case in
which the exhibit is housed.  Most of all thanks to
Ferrell Anderson and Site Historian Beth Carvey who had the dream of recreating Saukenuk and to Steve Leonard of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency who was the driving force in pulling all the artisans together and  to see that the exhibit was completed. 

If you haven’t yet been in to see the exhibit you must!