Black Hawk State Historic Site

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Black Hawk State Historic Site
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Map of the Black Hawk Historic Site

Natural Features

Natural Features

The deciduous hardwood forest and the Rock River provide habitat for a variety of wildlife. Nearly 175 species of birds can be observed during the year, though spring is a favorite time for observing migrating species.
Notably, 20 warbler species have been observed here, including chestnut-sided, blue-winged, golden-winged, and yellow warbler.

Fourteen mammal species have been observed,

including a melanistic phase of fox squirrel.

Bald eagles can be observed along the river
during the winter months.

The dominant trees of the upland forest - oaks -
are bountiful at Black hawk, along with a variety
of other hardwoods. Numerous wildflowers, shrubs and vines grow under their canopy. More than 30 wildflower species, including orchids (showy orchids), bloom in April and May.


The Black Hawk Forest, a dedicated Nature Preserve, has been identified as one of the least-disturbed forests in Illinois. In addition, a small area on the southwest corner has been planted in native prairie plants.

Annual events at Back Hawk include spring bird and wildflower walks and a September prairie program and field trip. Geology and archeology outings are conducted on a rotating basis each October. Contact the Site Manger for dates and times.