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Take a look at the new items available for purchase in the Hauberg Museum.
Stop by the museum if you are looking for a unique gift or a memento of your visit. There is a wide range of books, postcards, posters, and art prints. Click here to download a list a available items.

Singing Bird Center Improvements
The Pete Petersen Bird Room has been turned from a drab white room into an outdoor paradise.  The room has been painted in warm colors—green and yellow walls, brown trim, and a sky blue ceiling.  The windows are dressed with colorful curtains.  Pictures of the room can be viewed on the Foundation’s Facebook page.  Many thanks to Patty and Jim Pearson for the many hours they spent in transforming this room.

Additional improvements have also been completed at the Center.  The floors have been refinished, the old bookshelves and credenza in front of the kitchen serving window have been removed, and a new electrical panel has been installed.  Next up is rewiring of the entire building and installation of ceiling fans.  A list of building needs and new projects will be coming soon.  If you would like to donate your time and talents please call the Hauberg Museum at 309-788-9536.

Black Hawk Photo Wins Contest
The Illinois Bureau of Tourism recently ran an online photo contest for the Seven Wonders of Illinois.  The picture taken by Jim Pearson of the Black Hawk statue with the full moon behind it won!!!  Thanks to everyone who voted.  We know we are special—now the rest of the state does too. View the photo at