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School Bus Grant
To help schools meet the transportation costs associated with field trips to Black Hawk State Historic Site.

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   Twelve Moons:
   A Year with the
   Sauk and 

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Map of the
 Black Hawk
 Historic Site






Pause a moment and picture a forest in the middle of the city
-- an urban paradise...
Hiking trails that wind deep into the woods, up ru
gged hills and along the banks of a gentle river, remote spots where nature wraps around you...
the songs of birds...scampering squirrels...

oaks that were here when the first pioneers

And more!

Picnic shelters with stone fireplaces,
a museum of Native American life, a nature center where children can learn the values of the natural world,

playgrounds, a
rustic lodge that a duke would envy...

It's not a fantasy--it's all real, and it's all right here
in the middle of the city of Rock Island!

The forest at Black Hawk State Historic Site is a dedicated Nature Preserve. Visitors are expected to stay on the designated trails. There is no hunting at the Site. Please view the Information page.

Black Hawk State Historic Site - is a wooded, steeply rolling 208-acre tract - bordering the Rock River in Rock Island County. Prehistoric Indians and nineteenth-century settlers made their homes here, but the area is most closely identified with the Sauk nation and the warrior-leader whose name it bears - Black Hawk. The site, which is also noted for its many natural features, is managed by the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources. The Rock River Trail is a loop again, thanks to the new bridge funded by a River Action grant.

  Black Hawk State Historic Site Book Wins Award  

  Twelve Moons received a Superior Achievement award from
  the Illinois Association of Museums!  This is the highest
  award available and, according to IAM, "A Superior
  Achievement award recognizes achievements that are
  models for the profession and reaches a greater audience
  than is normally reached by the nominating institution."

Citizens to Preserve Black Hawk Park Foundation belongs to the Quad City Visitors and Convention Bureau. All our events are listed on the QCVCB website.

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